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Lead Earth Day Projects for SOLVE IT, presented by Portland General Electric

Science Pub: “Straight Up… Flood Plains with a Twist”

Christmas Bird Count

Christmas Bird Count

The "Ancient" Grains Einkorn, Emmer, and Spelt: What We Know and What We Need to Find Out Webinar

Stream Team Captain Training

The Basics of Small-Scale Permaculture Gardens

Identifying Winter Gulls

2013 Financial Permaculture & Local Business Summit


Unready for the Big One

Two Line Description: 

This is not a call to survivalism. But it is a call to self-reliance of the kind that societies have historically depended upon and which could dramatically cut mortality in a natural disaster such as a Cascadia subduction-zone earthquake.

Previews of disasters read like so many movies. Are they really real?

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Home Orchard Society Gardener's Calendar

Two Line Description: 

Handy list of gardening tasks that should be done for each of the months of the year.

By Ted Swensen 

A collection of gardening tips for your home garden & orchard. Click on a month to view the calendar. If you would like to contribute, post your tip at the HOS forums!

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A Sewer Catastrophe Companion: Dry Toilets forWet Disasters

The year is 20__.The Juan de Fuca tectonic plate has shifted, causing an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0, devastating the Pacific Northwest. Underground infrastructure has shaken. Sewers are broken and leaking into waterways.

You have food and water, your house is still habitable, and your friends and family are all accounted for. Finally, you can slow down and take stock.

You need to poop. Where will you go?


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Preparing for the next four minutes & beyond

By: Jeremy O’Leary

In response to the insightful Portland Mercury article “The First Four Minutes: A Timeline of Portland's Upcoming Cataclysmic Quake”, I have a couple of suggestions on how to better prepare for the First Four Minutes, how to respond in the hours and days afterward and how we can make the recovery phase more then just gathering the pieces.  

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Portland Plan: City must prepare for potential economic shocks

By Jeremy O'Leary and Liz Bryant  

The draft Portland Plan, intended to guide the city's development to 2035, is in its final public comment stage. 

Transition PDX -- a group committed to building resilient, sustainable and just communities that can adapt to challenging times -- recently held a series of discussions about the plan. 

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