Heart and Soul Transition PDX Working Group Meeting #3

“The transition model is about the head, heart and hands of energy descent.  The H+S group opens the space to explore the heart aspect of the transition model.  It is a group that will work with people to cope with post-petroleum stress disorder and the emotional reactions felt by those involved.  It is also a group that will help to infuse creativity such as the arts and music into what Transition PDX does.  Relationship, group skills and inner sustainability are all important parts of H+S work.  If you are interested in the psychology of change, creative tools and positive visioning H+S might be a good place for you to get involved.”


If you feel inspired by the Heart and Soul aspect of Transition please attend our third working group meeting!

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<p>Zeratha</p> <p>mooglicious@gmail.com</p>
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