How to get involved

If you are interested in:

  • The work of Transition PDX
  • The Transition Town model
  • Related projects or organizations in the Portland metro area with shared goals and visions of sustainability, community resiliency and energy descent
  • Starting a Transition Initiative in your community or neighborhood
  • or other related topics 

There are several ways to get and stay involved and informed: 

  • Purchase a Transition Town handbook from your local bookseller and share with neighbors and friends, copies are available at most Transition PDX meetings.
  • Request an Introduction to the Transition Town Model from Transition PDX for your neighborhood group, association, your organization, your church, your artists guild or whomever
  • Talk to someone involved in Transition PDX, feel free to contact a hub member to ask questions
  • Attend one of the regular Transition PDX monthly general meetings, every third Wednesday at the St. Francis Church in the Che Room located at SE 12th and Oak St. in Portland, Oregon
  • Join one of our social networking sites.  We're on Facebook, Twitter, the Transition U.S. Social Network and Wiser Earth under 'Transition PDX'
  • Check out our calendar of events and attend one of our other events or regular group meetings
  • Request to join one of our email list servs.  We have an updates list that only sends out announcements of upcoming meetings and events.  We have a community discussion list that is open to posting from members and consists of many helpful and interesting 'transition' related resources.  We have a Heart and Soul list that discusses and updates it's members on all aspects of H+S transition related material and events.