Forex scammer Gulf Brokers Ltd. is risky. They call unwitting consumers and try to get them to invest in their dubious platform.

There are numerous stories detailing the client exploitation of this FX fraud. You’ll see from this analysis why you should steer clear of them:

About Gulf Brokers Ltd.

A professional or institutional investor can place their money in Gulf Brokers Ltd, a private online trading organization.

Gulf Brokers Ltd appears to have recently been involved in the claimed fraud, impersonation, and forgery.

The OffshoreLeaks research identified networks of organized crime, including Gulf Brokers Ltd., which is responsible for countless frauds committed from the UAE and money-laundering operations in countries like India, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc.

The Gulf Brokers Ltd. investigation was quite painful.

The time-consuming analysis required reading through hundreds of documents and speaking with dozens of individuals in private chats to compile all information that was accessible regarding Gulf Brokers Ltd, its affiliated businesses, and its operators.

Gulf Brokers Limited. engaged in trading fraud

This organized crime syndicate has been responsible for a variety of trade fraud scams since 2018 that have affected numerous nations, wiping out millions of dollars from the market each month and costing thousands of lives. Because there are few laws and extradition treaties in many countries, criminals can rest comfortably that the authorities would never get in touch with them again. As a result, the atrocities they have committed have become unsettlingly ugly.

In most cases, victims are powerless to stop it and are prepared to lose their money. Despite not being a licensed broker in the majority of those countries, Gulf Brokers Ltd targets investors in South-East Asia, Africa, and India. A limited liability company registered in Seychelles is Gulf Brokers Ltd. Ever been to Seychelles?

This suggests that neither government regulation nor insurance is protecting your money. Your money is being entrusted to an offshore account for intelligent investment. We can prove they don’t because we have the receipts to support our claim.

Unfavorable information about Gulf Brokers Ltd. — a fake copyright scam in 2023 — is attempted to be concealed.

The alleged forgery, impersonation, and fraud all seem to have been carried out by Gulf Brokers Ltd. The fabricated DMCAs raise questions about Gulf Brokers Ltd’s ethics, judgment, or lack thereof.

It was clear that Gulf Brokers Ltd. sent Google a fraudulent copyright takedown notification, and it was also clear that the “real article” that went with it was meant to mislead. The Lumen Database and other organizations have written extensively and conducted extensive research on this type of fraud in recent years.

Our evaluation of Gulf Brokers Ltd. is important because they are so ignorant that they would lie, pretend to be someone else, and commit fraud to manage their (sic) reputation or lack of one.

An unlawful copyright takedown effort is made by a bogus DMCA called Gulf Brokers Ltd.

Gulf Brokers Ltd. decided to take action because it seemed concerned about negative web reviews, or as we like to call it, “the truth,” that was posted. To analyze the events described in this article, including how I concluded that the takedown attempts were fraudulent, the most likely explanation for abusing the DMCA procedure, and any possible repercussions of coordinated takedown attempts.

A thorough examination revealed that over 2700 DMCA complaints to Google were created in an effort to suppress legitimate news pieces online and illegally exploit takedowns. These notifications were not genuine. With the revelation of these hidden infractions of our digital legal framework, the inquiry into false copyright claims continues.

It was determined through marketing that certain websites use the “back-dated article” tactic. The “fake original” article produced using this method is a copy of the “genuine original,” but the erroneous notification sender (or copier) has backdated it to make it appear as though it was published before the actual original.

The copycats then send a DMCA to the relevant internet service providers, claiming that the copied or “infringing” article is the true masterpiece and that the copied article is the “original,” and requesting that the actual original article be removed based on the claim that this out-of-date article is the “original.” After submitting the DMCA request, the person who filed the false notice deletes the phony source URL, perhaps to make sure the article is completely taken down from the internet. If the removal notice is deemed to be effective, information that is most likely to be regarded as free speech will be removed from the internet.

Criminal Activity of Gulf Brokers Ltd.

Utilizing the Google Transparency Report, we recently discovered that a complete review of Gulf Brokers Ltd had either previously been undertaken after the submission of a false DMCA notice to Google, or had been attempted.

Typical components include the following, examples:

  • A takedown request is sent to the proprietor of the website hosting the infringing material or to a search engine like Google, albeit it is not always a DMCA request.
  • The actual version of the item is the one for which removal or delisting is sought in the notice.
  • The online content is a copy that was uploaded after the original, despite what the notification might lead you to believe.
  • In other cases, the copyist will even go so far as to create a fake website that hosts their content and imitates a newspaper, magazine, or other online publication. The website’s domain name will have a spotty past.

As noted above, the sender of the takedown notice has no ownership or legal claim to the damning content. There are several possible motivations for the sender’s actions, including censorship and financial gain.

Examining DMCA notices that were not legitimate and Gulf Brokers Ltd.

Several tactics are used by businesses to delete offensive content from Google search results and review websites. Due to the safeguards put in place to defend the right to free expression, there aren’t many legal ways to do this in the United States. Businesses are unable to get rid of negative reviews or search engine results in that link to them absent a convincing defamation claim, a clear infringement of copyright rules, or some other obvious legal infraction.

Many companies, including Gulf Brokers Ltd, have taken significant pains to erroneously claim copyright ownership of a negative review to get past these limitations.

Influential people have targeted articles that reveal their criminal activities with bogus DMCA claims in an effort to conceal their illicit activity. These people, including American, Russian, and Khazakstani officials as well as members of elitist organizations like the mafia and those with significant financial influence, are related, according to the evidence gathered on these Sites. Also presented are allegations of corruption involving everything from sexual harassment to child abuse. It appears like a significant amount of influence is being utilized in this situation before justice can be served.

Beware of This Broker

A thousand years of reputation can be built—or, in this case, destroyed—on the actions of a single moment. Gulf Brokers Limited engaged in criminal activity including impersonation, fraud, perjury, and cybercrime. Even yet, it can be embarrassing to come upon a bad review or an unpleasant public statement that cannot be changed.

Because Gulf Brokers Ltd is governed by offshore regulation, it could be challenging to hold them responsible in particular situations. I suggest traders select brokers who are more reputable and trustworthy, and finding out about a broker’s accreditation is crucial when looking for brokers to use for your trading (s). By doing so, it will be possible to determine whether Gulf Brokers is an offshore business that is either uncontrolled or not regulated at all.

After all, it is appropriate to ensure that this information about Gulf Brokers Ltd. continues to be accessible online by anyone with a desire to learn more about Gulf Brokers Ltd. Save your cash and steer clear of them.

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