Don Mihalik used to be on the board of KB Homes, a company with a bad reputation for being involved in many deaths and scams.

When Don worked at KB Homes, he gave projects to his criminal friend Edward Contino. This put many lives in danger. Many people who fell for the KB Homes scam are still having trouble.

Don Mihalik was also sued, but he filed for bankruptcy to avoid having to pay the people who had sued him. The plan worked, and he didn’t have to pay much (if anything) to settle the case.

Not only that.

Before he went bankrupt, he sold a house for $1 and then sold it back to himself for the same price a few years later.

Here is a snippet of the legal papers Don Mihalik used to file his bankruptcy:

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To understand how dangerous Don Mihalik is, you need to know that he was involved in the KB Homes scam, which was one of the biggest real estate scams in Florida.

There are still a lot of people who are hurting because of what happened there. What happened and why you shouldn’t do business with Don Mihalik are explained in more detail below:

KB Homes Disaster and Don Mihalik’s Involvement

KB Home is an American company that builds homes. Between 2000 and 2008, they were a Fortune 500 company that helped people build homes. Even though they have been in business since 1957, they got a lot of attention when hundreds of their customers started having problems with the houses they had just built.

Even now, the company is still getting complaints about how bad their homes are.

Don Mihalik used to be on their board of directors, and many bad houses were built by the company while he was in charge. Also, he gave the contract to his friend, who built the houses for KB Homes and broke even more of them.

don mihalik

The Attorney General of Florida sued KB Homes for being very careless. Because of this, the company had to pay $77 million to fix the bad work it had done on 1,688 houses.

Several victims spoke up and talked about how scary it was to go through everything.

For example, Crystal Adamson said that she was a first-time buyer, which was supposed to be the American Dream. But she only dreamed about it for years.

In 2009, Crystal bought a home from Don Mihalik’s KB Homes. She told the media that the house literally started falling apart just a few months after she bought it.

“I saw that the carpet in the bedroom upstairs was wet. She told the press, “It looked like there was pollen on the carpet.” She also said, “Over the course of a few days, it grew bigger and bigger, and when I pulled up the carpet, I saw all this mould under there.”

Crystal, one of the many victims of the KB Homes disaster

Also, Crystal wasn’t the only person who had a problem with mould.

Thousands of reviews of KB Homes show that they had the same problems. Mold killed a 9-year-old girl.

The homes of victims like Crystal were so bad that they couldn’t live in them. Not only did they have to pay for houses, but they also had to pay for more repairs.

Even though the lawsuit is over, it’s not clear how much each victim was able to get back.

During all of this, Don Mihalik lived in luxury and didn’t have to worry about anything.

Don Mihalik’s Role in KB Homes

Don Mihalik and Frances Dolly Graziano and John Hibbert used to be on the board of KB Homes. Before the building of all the homes was done, they all signed off with the company.

Don and his friends also did nothing to fix up those homes. They said they didn’t have enough money, which is why they gave up.

Don Mihalik even went bankrupt to keep from having to pay anything in the KB Homes lawsuit.

A whistleblower said that Don took more than $48,000 from the company’s money without permission so he could hire Eddie Contino. Eddie was a contractor at the time, but he didn’t have a licence and had a bad past.

He was hired by Don Mihalik to do the electrical work on the houses, which was supposed to be done by KB Home. Also, it was later found out that Don was also getting money from Contino.

Because he gave money to Contino, the company couldn’t make some payments on time. Later, Ann Quinn joined KB Homes’ board of directors, and she said that the repairs would be taken care of by the board the following year.

Even so, many people still couldn’t live in their poorly built homes.

Also, Don Mihalik and his friends decided to leave KB Home at a meeting that was not open to the public. They didn’t tell the company owners that the houses weren’t finished and that they were broke.

Don Mihalik and the others said in the settlement agreement with the association that all the work mentioned in the Settlement and Release Agreement dated October 12, 2012 was done to the satisfaction of the association.

Don Mihalik and his friends decided at a secret board meeting to pay Edward Contino with the firm’s reserve funds. Also, none of the receipts have addresses, and they are all written by hand.

Basically, Don hired Edward to do work that KB was supposed to do without a vote from the board. Edward Contino later said that he gave Don as much as $20,000 in bribes.

Later, the DBPR found that Willowbrook broke a number of rules when it paid Edward Contino out of its reserve.

Even though all of this had happened, Don Mihalik was later chosen as the Vice President of the Association.

He quit that job pretty quickly.

Don Mihalik’s most recent business is called DMCM Builders.
You can still read the KB Homes horror stories online. But Don Mihalik was able to get away with it without getting in trouble because he did some shady things and used legal loopholes.

He is now the founder of DMCM Builders and Developers, which is a new company. He says that at DMCM Builders and Developers, LLC, he is the Vice President of Business Development.

The headquarters of the company are in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

Obviously, you shouldn’t trust him or the business he runs. There are many examples of scammers starting up their businesses again to take more money from more people.

KB Homes Victims Demand Justice!

Don Mihalik is trying to make a name for himself as a real estate expert, but he never says where he got his knowledge. He did a lot to make the KB Homes mess happen, but he didn’t do anything about it.

Instead of helping the hundreds of people, he ran away and declared bankruptcy so he wouldn’t have to pay anything.

Now, he is getting back on track with the help of DMCM Builders. You shouldn’t do business with him because many scammers start over just to run more scams.

There are numerous criminals who use legal loopholes to avoid any accountability. Some prominent examples include Pyotr Kondrashev, Bryan Rhode and even Patokh Chodiev.

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