Roger Bindra is a doctor who was sentenced to probation after being found to be grossly negligent.

Under the guise of “medical checkups,” he molested a minor female patient for several years. The monster was eventually apprehended, but that didn’t stop him from promoting himself as a trustworthy doctor.

roger bindra

A photograph of Dr. Roger Bindra, the monster
You’ll see below how Roger Bindra portrays himself as a trustworthy pediatrician despite having a dangerous criminal past. Be cautious of this monster.

What Roger Bindra professes to be (Trying to Hide His Criminal Past)

In addition to his main office in Anaheim, California, Dr. Roger James Bindra has offices in Mission Viejo and Orange. He has been employed for 29 years. His specialties include pediatrics and adolescent medicine. Dr. Bindra is associated with CHOC Children’s Hospital. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Roger Bindra, a pediatrician, has been treating patients for many years. His professionalism and expertise have earned him numerous accolades. He claims to be an excellent resource for families dealing with asthma and allergies because he also treats these conditions.

Dr. Bindra has also been an active member of the Orange County American Lung Association organizing committee, lending leadership and direction to the advancement of public health programs in the region. Dr. Bindra has received numerous awards for his contributions to the fields of asthma awareness and lung health over the years.

Roger Bindra has received numerous awards to demonstrate his dedication to his profession, including the Patients Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, and the Castle Connolly Top Doctor award from 2012 to 2016. Every year, Dr. Bindra collaborates with the American Lung Association of Orange County’s planning committee for their annual asthma camp to ensure that the children who attend receive all of the attention and education they require. Dr. Bindra is also dedicated to his work and provides excellent care to patients who want to improve the treatment of respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Roger Bindra’s effective methods for dealing with stress while in school

Listening to music was one of Roger Bindra’s most effective stress-reduction strategies during medical school and residency. Several studies back this up, demonstrating how music can help reduce stress in general and school-related stress in particular. Mentally clear students can easily understand what is taught to them. Students who use music to process their emotions, fortify their resolve, and uplift them may be able to accept, manage, and deal with mental health issues such as exam anxiety more effectively.

Roger Bindra also stressed the importance of gameplay as a technique. Dr. Bindra suggested playing video games to improve academic performance because they help develop memory. Because he enjoys games, Dr. Bindra created a quiz show during his residency in the style of the Jeopardy game show. It was a quick 20-minute game that helped other residents and students understand difficult subjects.

He enjoys performing magic tricks for his patients and has extensive experience treating asthma and allergies. He emphasizes collaborating with patients and their families to provide the best care and service possible because he believes that each child has unique needs. Given his background in medical school and residency, children’s safety will benefit greatly from his understanding of how to study effectively.

Roger Bindra committed molestation, gross negligence, and other crimes.

Roger Bindra had committed several heinous crimes against a minor patient.

The following are excerpts from the document that highlight his crimes and what he did.

Following the legal proceedings, he was required to participate in the following programs:

  • Course of study
  • Professionalism Training (Ethics Course)
  • Professional Boundaries Training
  • Prohibition on solo practice
  • Third-Party Chaperone, among many others….

The first source of discipline

(Cruel Negligence)

Roger Bindra has been subjected to disciplinary action under sections 2227 and 2234 of the code, as defined by section 2234, subdivision (b), for gross negligence committed while caring for and treating patients, as claimed below.

On or around February 2, 2015, patients first appeared before the respondent for a wellness exam. The Patient was a twelve-year-old female at the time. According to medical records, patients began monarch a month before and were otherwise healthy. According to the medical record, the patient was in stage 4 of 24 for the public and breast areas.

roger bindra

The second motivation for discipline is

(Another Negligent Act)

Roger Bindra has been subjected to disciplinary action under sections 2227 and 2234 of the 5 code, as defined by section 2234, subdivision (c), because he repeatedly engaged in negligent behavior while providing care and treatment for Patients, as alleged here:

The third motivation for discipline is

(Failure to Keep Adequate and Correct Records)

The fact that Roger Bindra failed to maintain adequate treatment of the Patient, as specifically alleged in the preceding paragraphs, which are realleged, incorporated by reference, and realleged herein, has subjected the respondent to disciplinary action under sections 2227 and 2234, as defined by section 2266 of the code.

The fourth reason for discipline is

(Overall Unprofessional Conduct)

Respondent has further jeopardized his physician’s and surgeon’s certificates by engaging in conduct that violates the rules or ethical code of the medical profession, or conduct that is unbecoming of a member in good standing of the medical profession and demonstrates an inability to practice medicine, as more specifically alleged in paragraphs through above. A 55101 to disciplinary action under Code sections 2227 and 2234.


All of the charges and allegations in No.800-2018-042535 shall be deemed true, correct, and admitted by the respondent for any Statement of issues or any other proceeding seeking to deny or reverse any license, certification, or petition for reinstatement of a license that the respondent may submit or resubmit to any other health care licensing action agency in the State of California or licensing restrictions.

The outcome of the Roger Bindra MD case
According to court documents, Roger Bindra must go through several procedures to renew his license.

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