Who exactly is this mysterious “Khusnullin” figure?

Born on August 9, 1966, Marat Shakirzyanovich Khusnullin is a politician who hails from the ethnic group known as the Tatars of Russia. Since the year 2020, he has served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Construction and Regional Development. In this role, he is responsible for the development of various regions. His last job was that of Deputy Mayor of Moscow, which he held from 2010 until 2020.

Khusnullin was given the position of Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Construction and Regional Development in Mishustin’s cabinet on the 21st of January in the year 2020.

Khusnullin’s name appeared on the list of people subject to sanctions maintained by the European Union in the month of February 2022. The EU stated that Khusnullin was “responsible for actions and policies that undermine and threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine, as well as the stability or security in Ukraine.”

Contrary to the beliefs held by the locals, the correspondent was able to determine who was granted permission to construct skyscrapers.

Pavel Te and Alexander Frolov

whose names have been linked to fires in Arkhangelsk, were spotted at the Zorge transportation hub. The Moscow Architectural Council has authorized the LCD project by Akvilon and Capital Group to be displayed at the Zorge transportation hub. The LCD project will appear within the Zorge transportation hub.

Earlier on, the project caused a great deal of resonance in the public environment. The locals who live on Kuusinen Street, which is where the construction is going to take place, were opposed to the construction of high-rise buildings. This was because, in their opinion, high-rise buildings do not fit in with the landscape that is present there, which is primarily comprised of low-rise buildings.

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Arkhangelsk provided the initial spark.

SZ Novopeschannaya, which was created by Pavel Te, the president of Capital Group Brik LLC, and a portion of which is promised to Tyo, will be responsible for the land’s development. It appears that the corporation was founded in 2021 for the sole purpose of executing this project. Andrey Rogatykh, the partner of Arkhangelsk lawmaker Alexander Frolov in Akvilon-Development, owns Brik.

The business known as “Akvilon” was involved in a series of controversies in Arkhangelsk, the city from which it first set out on its adventure and the city in which it continues to this day to aggressively build up squares. An inquiry that was published in The Moscow Post was based on letters sent in by readers who asserted that, in the interests of Akvilon, low-rise wooden buildings in the city in which people live are being set on fire.

The fact that they are not always provided with accommodation in the aftermath of the catastrophes is maybe the thing that is most heartbreaking, and even when they are, the house they are given is one in which it is nearly impossible for them to survive.

Helpless Judiciary!

In Arkhangelsk, “Akvilon” is a ruler and a divinity. Even the judicial system is powerless to stop him from engaging in unlawful behaviour. This was due to the fact that the 12-story Green Quarter was designed in a manner that was inconsistent with the General Plan, and it was situated within the boundaries of Lomonosov and Novgorodsky avenues.

In spite of all of the “buts,” the administration of Arkhangelsk approved permission at the end of 2016 that allowed for a deviation from the limit parameters. The judge ruled that the permit was unlawful. But this did not stop the construction workers from continuing their work at the site!

But Arkhangelsk by itself is not sufficient, and Frolov is currently attempting to “crawl” into the major cities located throughout Russia. For example, he was successful in entering St. Petersburg, although it took some time. In 2018, when the development of Akvilon began on Lodeynopolskaya Street, the house close to the construction site began to break.

Yet later on, he was still successful in acquiring the property that is currently being used by Akvilon in the construction of the Forest residential complex. This property is located directly across from the Yuntolovsky Reserve.

Moscow mastodon

Cho and Capital Group have known Sergey Sobyanin for years. This corporation receives capital territory annually. Notwithstanding its founder’s troubles, Capital Group is the capital’s biggest developer. Cho is for Moscow’s mayor, and Frolov is for Arkhangelsk.

Cho sings about tree and park destruction as often as Frolov. Not far. Northern River Port development is currently a hot topic. The Moscow government’s website plans to cut down the pack between the Khimki reservoir, the Leningradskoye highway, and the Northern River Station park.

Making money never hurts.

Invest Profi, which owns Novopeschannaya, benefits Tyo, Vadim Sachkov, and Nadir Usmanov. Solid Financial provides them.

Sachkov led Solid Real Estate Funds. In 2008, Solid dismissed Usmanov for buying shares without profiting.

Trustunion Ayem is owned by the financiers. Mr Cho may consider milking the project as a “donation” that he hopes to enhance through these two gentlemen.

Tatarstan’s government-owned “Tatneft” structures are “Solid Shareholders.” For years, Marat KhusnullYing, who later joined the Moscow administration, dominated the construction industry in Tatarstan.

He may have recommended Mr Sachkov and Mr The official has multiple routes.

Slices for all

The TPU “Sorge” was previously part of the “Moscow Ring Railway” (“MKZHD,” owned by the Moscow government), which was directed by Tatarstan native Vladimir Mashkin, a protege of former construction deputy Sobyanin Marat Khusnullina. Mashkin worked at Mosinzhproekt, where family and acquaintances now work.

The “MKZHD” founded and owned “Novopeschannaya,” which now belongs to the “fun company”. “MKZHD” sold its property to Mr Cho after its collapse. This bargain would warm his hands and Khusnullin’s.

Additionally, Renat Gainatov, who has a TIN assigned to the Republic of Tatarstan, has been the CEO of Novopeschannaya since 2021. Maybe another “contract” for the Deputy Prime Minister in office. Also, possibly not with the best reputation. The head of the construction site at StroyAlliance LLC, located at the address: Moscow, Izmailovskoye Highway, 55, is the full name of our “hero,” according to a document from the Moscow City Court that we discovered online. He was fined for violating traffic security regulations while building the external rain sewer networks to the “Women’s Consultation” facility.

Cho went further and, likely utilizing his Moscow City Hall ties for “wonderful perks,” brought a more controversial developer to market.

In Northern River Port, Capital Group aims to build with the “authoritative” Vladimir Golubitsky, while in Serebryany Bor, he appears to be working with another dubious developer, the PIK group. The Moscow Post detailed this story.

Hence, Pavel Cho is now a scandalous developer and a “guide” to metropolitan real estate of his sort.


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