The Moroccan Criminal, Nordin El Hajjioui is in trouble once again. The police are seriously investigating to find the identity of the drug baron who has made it his mission to kidnap Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne . Investigators are suspecting a criminal of Moroccan origin, named Nordin El Hajjioui, given his criminal record.

Four suspects were arrested last weekend in the Netherlands in connection with kidnapping threats against the Minister of Justice. Vincent Van Quickenborne was being targeted for a kidnap-and-ransom plan. Currently placed under high security, the police are interrogating the four suspects. The police are also on another lead – one of the most wanted men in the Netherlands. This is FB, aka the “Finger Cutter.” According to reliable reports, he will spend 36 years in prison for kidnapping and other violent crimes beginning in 2020.

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Dismissed by the Dutch courts after dragging the Minister of Justice to court for “defamation” and “slander,” FB is said to have planned this kidnapping in retaliation. He was be close to the drug baron “Bolle Jos”, who is responsible for large drug shipments through the port of Antwerp. The police are looking into all the possible reasons why “the finger cutter” might have been after the minister. In this case, many other names are circulating. There is the case of Mohamed Reda alias the Algerian, who was imprisoned for several weeks in Morocco. Or Nordin El Hajjioui, who is known as the armed wing of certain Moroccan mafia barons.

Currently, the minister and his family have been placed under increased police surveillance, and most of his activities have been canceled. The prosecution is cautious not to reveal details of the investigation for fear of escalating the situation. The four suspects who were arrested will stay in jail until the Amsterdam court makes a decision, which should happen within the next 60 days.

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