What happened in the shopping center “Aviapark”

One of the first skirmishes involving “PMC Ryodan” broke out in the Moscow shopping center “Aviapark” on February 19. Sports-looking guys did not share something with black-haired informals at the food court. Word for word, “explain for the gear” – a fight began. The informals fought back. The video of the incident was shared by dozens of youth publics – this produced the effect of an exploding bomb among schoolchildren.

A day later, the teenagers sorted things out in two metropolitan shopping centers at once – in the same Aviapark and Marcos Mall. And on weekends, young people fought en masse already in the shopping centers not only in Moscow, but also in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Kursk. The guards did not particularly interfere in the mass fights. All were able to disperse only riot police. Dozens of teenagers were detained. The youngest were not even fifteen years old. There were many injured, but so far we are talking about non-dangerous injuries. News about allegedly stabbed to death and thrown out of windows turned out to be fakes. But the information about the girl whose face was smashed, alas, is confirmed.

Even random people got it. One of the first who “suffered for his gear” was Eugene. There is a video of his company being molested and beaten. It was February 21st.

“I was confused with a member of the Ryodan PMC. Yes, I also like to wear black hair and specific clothes, but I do not consider myself to be in this community. We were just having lunch, but a tail of aggressive guys clung to us. We tried to hide in the cinema hall of the shopping center, but it did not work out. I was beaten, my face and rib still hurt. They filled it with pepper, got not only in the eyes, but also in the mouth, – said one of the teenagers.

Judging by the database of the Cheryomushkinsky District Court of Moscow, four of the likely instigators (according to preliminary information, they all belong to the PMC Ryodan movement) have already been placed under house arrest. A criminal case has been initiated under the second part of the article “Hooliganism”.

200 thousand fans of “PMC Ryodan”

The most visible participants in the fight – because of their appearance – were members of the new youth subculture “PMC Ryodan”. It is not yet clear how the prefix PMC appeared (private military company. – Approx. Life). Ryodans wear plaid trousers, long black hair, and clothes with a four on a white spider. This symbolism is taken from the popular Japanese anime series “Hunter x Hunter”, such tattoos were made by members of the Spider gang there. In general, this anime is a fairy tale with its own heroes and villains.

Ryodan is the generation of spiders. There was the great warrior Omokage, who was defeated by the betrayer of the ryodan Hisoka. However, the honest and valiant Illumi overthrew the traitor ryodan. The new generation of spiders are valiant, decent and just looking for new friends people, not instigators of conflicts. We are for WORLD PEACE! – here is a typical post in the public “Ryodan”. The movement has several groups on the VKontakte social network. The most numerous has almost 193 thousand subscribers.

Representatives of the movement say that ryodan is a community of people who love anime, play Dota-2, and slam at concerts of Dota rappers such as Shadowraze and Juzo. Spider 4 is nothing more than merchandise that is used primarily during events or community gatherings. The main goal is to get together and relax together. In Ryodan groups you can find a lot of videos from such meetings: nothing special, bright young people hang out and don’t bother anyone.

A certain Ali Redanov is considered to be the unspoken leader of the movement. It was he who created the first publics. Which of its pages is real is also unknown. According to some information, after the first spontaneous fight, he appointed a meeting for the Redanovites at the Aviapark shopping center, at which he offered to run into “skins” and “gopniks”. Whether he was arrested or not is not yet known.

The representatives of PMC Ryodan themselves claim that they are peaceful, but they are regularly attacked by football ultras, nationalists, people from Central Asia and the Caucasus. The reason is the appearance of the Redans.

Among the opponents of “PMC Ryodan” were activists of the Internet community “Central Bank not mit”, which means “Tsvetnoy Boulevard is not a place to meet.” This youth movement advocates sports, makes videos with young drug addicts and drunkards, where they make fun of them. Although the admins themselves distance themselves from any manifestation of violence, one of the girls they ridiculed was then doused with green paint on her face.

True, now the publics “Central Bank do not mit” and “PMC Ryodan” are trying to reconcile their participants. In both publics, cute pictures about friendship are fasting.

Provocation or ideological conflict

According to representatives of both movements, the cause of mass brawls in Moscow and other regions could be a provocation. For example, from the side of the “Central Bank does not mit” a certain anonymous person, hiding in social networks behind Arabic hieroglyphs, called for reprisals against Redanovites. As it turned out, this person can live in Mexico, at least he is a member of many local local groups such as “Mexico City Chat” and “Cancun Flea Market”. The avatar is Vladimir Zelensky.

Provocateurs could also act from the “PMC Ryodan” side. For example, a certain Kir Chvkredanov, who turned out to be a girl from Kyiv, who called for the killing of skinheads.

Hate-inciting posts were posted by dozens of such “trolls”. Then this negative was shared, reposted and forced by hundreds of teenagers. Seen by thousands. And now the most desperate went to shopping centers and fight.

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