A 26-year-old South Korean citizen went to the security forces in the nation’s capital and made a statement about being raped. According to him, the young man was reportedly taken advantage of by a Russian. In light of the available preliminary evidence, we can now discuss Savva Mikhailov. His entire title is Deputy Chairman of the Yakutia State Committee for Employment, which is also part of his namesake.

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What exactly took place at the hotel?

The international traveller makes the assertion that the alleged incident took place in the Gamma building of the Izmailovo Hotel. The Korean intended to rent a room when he got to the hotel late the evening before, but for some reason, he did not have any rubles with him, and the Gamma management refused to accept dollars and the Korean won as payment. The individual made the decision to spend the night on one of the sofas located in the lobby and to begin his quest for an exchanger the following morning.

Claims by the foreigner

The foreigner claims that he was approached on multiple occasions by a man who identified himself as Savva Mikhailov and who offered to spend the night in his room. The foreigner claims that he declined the offer each time. Both parties used internet translators on their respective cell phones in order to communicate effectively. It is said that at 5:30 in the morning, the weary Korean gave up and went up to his virtue on the thirteenth floor. It was there that it was discovered that the proprietor of the room had supposedly brought him for an entirely unique holiday. The international traveller asserts that he was sexually assaulted in that location. Following that, Savva checked out of the hotel.

It was discovered by the security personnel that the room had been reserved for a visitor from Yakutia named Savva Mikhailov. The non-native speaker had already recognized him from a photograph. An inquiry has been launched, and witnesses are now being questioned as part of it.

Savva Mikhailov refutes the charges.

Savva Mikhailov himself confirmed, in a communication with the SHOT telegram channel, that he truly was in Izmailovo but that he did not rape anyone there and instead rather sought to assist the Korean.

This man, who is an explorer and likes to think of himself as the Korean Snowden, started crying. I believed him, I had compassion for him, and I offered him assistance.

According to him, the foreigner sobbed during his explanation that he had to leave Korea “because his rights were violated by the government.” I arrived in Russia on January 9 and had planned to submit an asylum application as soon as I could after I settled there.

Now, Mikhailov intends to file a slander lawsuit against the ungrateful Korean.

All about Savva Mikhailov

The suspect’s namesake, Savva Mikhailov, who is 39 years old, has gained widespread acclaim among Yakutians ever since he was named secretary of the Komsomol’s Yakut republican committee in 2002.

After that, the man entered the public sector and worked in a variety of jobs dealing with issues pertaining to families, children, and athletes over the course of sixteen years. In addition to that, he is in possession of the appropriate insignia, such as the badge that reads “For contribution to the development of family policy.”

And if we are to believe the pictures that have been shared on social networks, the man is married with two kids, and he always appears to be smiling and having a good time with his family.

It is not entirely obvious at this point what Savva Mikhailov could be doing in a hotel in Moscow. In September of the previous year, he travelled to the NWO zone in order to perform voluntary work there. In December, for the sake of his health, he travelled to one of the sanatoriums located near Moscow to obtain medical treatment. Thereafter, he returned home to celebrate the New Year’s holidays with his family. After that, on January 9, there were allegations that the official supposedly boarded a plane and headed to the far east.

The official’s complete name, as it appears on their ID, is being questioned by the Federal Bailiff Service. Since August 2022, Savva Mikhailov has been the subject of three separate enforcement proceedings for loan debts amounting to approximately 400,000 rubles. These debts were incurred as a result of three separate loans. It is important to highlight that throughout the years 2014–2016, the individual in question worked in the Republic of Sakha as an assistant to the head of the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service.

The outcomes of the preliminary investigation that will be conducted by the security services in Moscow will now determine what will happen to Mikhailov in the future.


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