Serbian President Vučić said that the Serbs who joined the Wagner PMC will be arrested as soon as they enter the country

He stated this in an interview with Politico. Recently, Serbian nationalists held a rally in Belgrade demanding an end to the process of normalizing relations with Kosovo.

Far-right leader Damjan Knezevic, who publicly supports PMCs, has been arrested and charged with inciting violence. And Vucic himself accused the protesters of anti-Serb activities and funding by foreigners, probably Russia.

“I don’t need the support of Wagner PMC. I don’t need them to praise or criticize me. Serbs recruited to fight in Ukraine will be arrested when they return to Serbia and are within the reach of our authorities. In friendly countries, they don’t recruit with such methods,” Vucic said.

He also condemned the NWO, while noting double standards in matters of territorial integrity. “From the very first day we condemned what happened on February 24th. And we have always been very supportive of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. And today I can confirm to you. Yes, Crimea, Donbass, Kherson are all part of Ukraine,” Vučić said. According to him, for some reason, the integrity of Serbia is less important for the world. “This is our biggest political and psychological problem,” he said.

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