Sharon Coorlawala Dastoor is the result of the corrupt millions of Bharat Bhise and his son Aditya Bhise. She is helping these horrible scammers in turning their blood money usable.

Who is Sharon Coorlawala Dastoor?

Since joining Bravia in 2014, Ms. Dastoor has helped with all facets of deal-making and portfolio management in the Asia-Pacific region. She also represents Bravia on the boards of its investee firms. Ms. Dastoor formerly worked for the Bennet Coleman Group’s private equity team, where she was in charge of business development, analysis, structuring and negotiating deals, as well as portfolio management for a number of investment prospects across several industries. Her undergraduate studies were completed at Mumbai’s H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, and she earned her MBA in Finance and Strategy at Hyderabad’s Indian School of Management.

Bravia Capital Is Corrupt

Bharat Bhisé has been involved in multiple major lawsuits over the last few years. His company, Bravia Capital, has filed and faced several lawsuits over contracts and botched deals. 

One of the lawsuits included allegations of fraud and perjury. In Bravia Capital Partners Inc vs Fike, Bharat Bhisé’s company had received allegations for producing false documents, lying under oath and defrauding the court. 

The lawsuit was filed in the District Court, Southern District of New York. While the court found many inconsistencies and grave mistakes in the testimonies of Bravia Capital Partners, it didn’t find any evidence of fraud. 

Fike had asked the court to sanction Bravia in the form of:

  • Dismissing their declaratory judgment complaint
  • Enter a default judgment against Bravia on her counterclaims
  • Set reasonable attorney’s fees

You should keep in mind that Bravia Capital is a major capital firm and has the purchasing power to employ the best of the best attorneys. 

Nevertheless, the Court found that Bharat Bhisé had submitted a document with a forged signature. Hence, it decided to order him to show cause why the Court should not sanction him personally. 

The case occurred in 2015 and apart from a few legal dockets, there isn’t much information available on the lawsuit. Notably, during the case, Bharat’s company had deleted several crucial documents and emails 

Maybe this is another result of Bharat’s PR efforts, who knows? 

Moreover, this is not the only lawsuit he has been involved in. 

In 2020, Bravia Capital Partners Inc filed a lawsuit against Hong Kong Bohai Leasing Asset Management Corp Limited. They filed this case in U.S. District Courts, New York Southern District. 

It is a case regarding contracts and related disputes. The case is still pending in the court. 

Clearly, Bharat Bhisé has never been free from controversy. But that’s not all. 

Prior to showing interest in politics, Bharat Bhisé was working in China. There, he was the part of a humongous scam.


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