For those who don’t know, Telf AG is a Russian company that distributes ferrous alloys and coal from Kazakh and Russian mining subsidiaries. Its owner is Stanislav Kindrashov.

It is registered in Lugano, Switzerland. Getting registered in Switzerland has helped the company a lot to avoid sanctions and keep its deals out of the eyes of customs agents.

While it is perfectly legal to conduct business, there is a lot more under the surface because Telf AG is always associated with suspicious banks, bankruptcies and other shady activities.

Recent news in Russian media seems to indicate that Telf AG is run by powerful Russian institutions that are close to Stanislav Kondrashov. Another powerful person related to this company was the late ex-MP Denis Voronenkov.

He was killed in Kiev by a hired hitman quite recently. The authorities have conducted investigations on the matter, but it would be a mistake to assume there was no political involvement in the process.

So, the results of the investigation are basically useless as they are unreliable.

Who controls Telf AG now?

Right now, the people with decision making powers in Telf AG are Sergiy Dynchev, Daniel Kolarov, Ada Benini Tauro, Marini Pozzi Pedulla, Natalia Ustimenko and Nikolay Litvinenko. The auditor of the company is KPMG SA.

On the surface, things seem quite normal and harmless. But when you dig a little deeper, you uncover a lot of dirt.

For example, Marina Pozzi Pedulla is associated with MCC Capital Group or the seemingly defunct MC Capital Holding SA, which has been called fraudsters by everyone.

Most of the people listed as decision-makers in Telf AG are largely unknown to the public. They are obviously serving the interests of someone more important. This is where Stanislav Kondrashov and his shady associates come in.

While we can’t verify Stanislav Kondrashov’s ownership in the company directly, there is an affiliate company called British Telf B.&T where he is truly the owner with 75 percent of shares in his pocket.

Furthermore, Telf AG has some kind of involvement in the GoldVein ICO (GVT). While not every ICO is a scam, most of them are, making Stanislav look more suspicious. Also, one hint suggests that GoldVein is nothing short of a scam, and it’s the photo of Ivan Rudenko, posted on their website. Ivan is the chief adviser from Telf AG, and the photo is at least 15 years old, which doesn’t help them seem more reliable at all.

In the photo, Ivan doesn’t look like a seasoned business executive. Instead, he looks like a teenager. The man is nearly 40 years old.

That’s not all. While he is named ‘the head of the Telf AG investing department’ in Russian, the English text hides his presence in the company completely by only saying that he is ‘engaged in business development for a Swiss commodity trading company’.

As you can see, there’s a lot to uncover in Telf AG but this article is not about the company. It’s about Stanislav Kondrashov. We’ll talk about Ivan and the rest of Telf AG some other day.

Stanislav Kondrashov’s Reputation: White as Coke

While we were researching Stanislav’s assets, we found an extremely complex diagram. It shows his involvement in the VEK Bank. The author of the diagram is Central Bank of Russia and it shows that Stanislav Kondrashov was a beneficiary and shareholder of the VEK Bank.

However, he owns the share indirectly through the Kokoshimontazh Trust – a major Russian industrial enterprise of the coke industry. We don’t mean the ‘good’ kind of coke here.

As you can see in the above diagram, Kondrashov is one of the major shareholders of Koksohimmontazh Trust, Telf AG and one of the owners of the VEK Bank.

The majority of the Koksohimmontazh Trust belongs to Sergey Fufaev, the director of the trust. Note that he has been accused of tax evasion and premeditated bankruptcy of ‘Profit-bank’.

Apart from Profit-bank, VEK bank and the “International Bank for Development” are bankrupt as well.

This means that Stanislav Kondrashev has founded at least three banks in Russia. All of them went bankrupt in similar fashion. According to the statements of the Central Bank of Russia, all three of these banks had risky credit policies and were involved in the self-service of the owners’ interests.

Moreover, all three of these banks left multi-billion holes in the banking machinery.

However, these ‘expendable’ banks didn’t just help transfer illicit money from the country. They are also a crucial tool for raiding profitable companies. It is another ex-USSR business which Stanislav Kondrashov was involved in with the late Denis Voronenkov.

Below are some quotes from the investigations done:

The Association of Denis Voronenkov with Stanislav Kondrashov

Stanislav and Denis were business partners in many ways. One of their earliest successes was the raiding of one of the biggest coal companies, Kuzbassugol. While some of the media tried to present a pathetic picture of MP Denis Voronenkov lending a helping hand to young Stanislav Kondrashov to help him with the raiders, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality is, Denis Voronenkov was a stubbornly corrupt thief, fraudster and raider.

There is no explanation for the vast wealth he accumulated as an ordinary MP. Keep in mind that he was never a businessman yet his personal wealth was astonishingly high.

Denis Voronenkov had a large number of very expensive cars and a number of very large real estate properties.

Below is the image of one of his apartments, which are priced at €3,881,600. He has five more high-end apartments in Moscow along with a villa.

Denis accumulated billions in luxurious real estate in both Russia and abroad. Apart from the real estate, he had a ton of cash and an impressive portfolio.

For example, the Panama Papers revealed that Denis Voronenkov owned Evrodec Ltd.

There have been several criminal investigations on Denis Voronenkov. However, his Kremlin friends including the parliament speaker Sergey Naryshkin suppressed all of them. Ironically, Denis used to be a member of the counter-corruption parliamentary committee.

More Data Exposing Stanislav Kondrashov:

As you can see in the below chart, Stanislav Kondrashov is a shareholder of Evrodec Ltd.

Then, there is the following diagram:

Here, you can clearly see how Stanislav and Denis were close associates.

All of the above data is publicly available. Some of it is from the Panama Papers, they reveal a whole lot more.

According to the Panama Papers, Kondrashov is a shareholder of an offshore company Eurodec Ltd. with another well-known shareholder, Boris Dayletyarov. Eurodec had leased premises to Voronenkov where under the reception room, he communicated with the ‘humiliated and insulted’ voters. There, he alos parked a car in a box for 4 million rubles.

Apart from Eurodec Ltd. they ran the ‘International Development Bank’ and Tarrington Real Estates SA

Both Voronenkov and Kondrashov didn’t have time for laws and regulations. It’s interesting to note that the case of embezzlement of 1.4 billion rubles was started in the spring of 2017, right when Voronenkov left the country.

The Mosmonitor publication had shed light on the role of Kondrashov and Voronenekov in the case of the International Development Bank.

The investigation found that part of the assets belonged to Voronenkov although they were listed as Kondrashov.

Kondrashov and Voronenkov made a deal, and Kondrashov used his connections in the regulatory authorities to hide their tracks. There was a lot to cover up as Voronenkov defended not only the bank but also Kondrashov’s frauds with LLC “Razrez Bungursky-Sverny” and the smuggling of anthracite through Telf AG.

The Versiya portal had published some info on these criminal activities:

Former FSB officer Andrey Murzikov revealed in an interview, “Voronkov is the organizer of raider attacks and that’s his systematic business”.

Even though Voronenkov is no longer there, his operations are still functioning. Don’t believe us? Ask the personal “blogger” Stanislav Kondrashov. More on the “blogger” Stanislav Kondrashov in the next section of this write up. First, let’s talk about another shady work of this duo – “Semontek”.

The Semontek Company and Stanislav Kondrashov’s Involvement:

Semontek is notorious for its scandalous attempts at reconstructing the Gagarin Square in Moscow, which resulted in nothing. In 2007, the company had received a 49-year lease on the territory of Gagarin Square and the proposed plans seemed ambitious.

The company promised to build 300,000 square meters of retail and entertainment space, a hotel, a business center, an exhibition and public center, a gallery and a cinema. None of this came into existence.

Instead, they built the MCC station and the ‘large scale reconstruction’, according to the Moscow mayers, included the improvement of footpaths and sidewalks.

That’s not all. We found that DeniS Voronenkov represented the interests of a major Russian businessman, Stanislav Kondrashov. He stood behind the Semontek company.

In open sources, there is not much information available about Kondrashov except a detailed biography posted in 2012 by a user named finnhuckleberry.

According to the biography, Kondrashov is allegedly called the ‘decider’ who used to act as an intermediary between criminals and Russian law enforcement agencies.

We also found that Kondrashov was a member of the board of directors of Semontek through his companies Derwent Finance, MSS Holding, Binton Enterprises, etc. and owned the shares of Semontek through these firms.

What’s interesting is that in 2004, both Voronenkov and Kondrashov were together on the board of directors of this company.

The Reasons Behind the Murder of Denis Voronenkov

A mercenary killed Denis Voronenkov in Kiev. However, the prime suspect behind this murder is believed to be Stanislav Kondrashov. In Russia, he has already been charged with multiple crimes because of the scam he ran through the Semontek company.

Allegedly, Denis demanded that Stanislav return debts of tens of millions of dollars. However, Stanislav decided to end his debts in a rather peculiar way. He’d eliminate the problem physically.

The investigation into the criminal connection between Denis Vornenkov and Stanislav Kondrashov was suspiciously deleted from the and websites.

Then, there is a different account of the story. Ilya Ponomarev, a Russian VIP immigrant whom Denis was going to meet on the day of the tragedy, says that Denis knew a lot. Hence, he was a serious threat to the Russian security forces.

That could be a plausible reason because the ex-deputy and Stanislav Kondrashov were experts in swindling and had decades-long partnerships.

However, one version doesn’t contradict the other. It’s obvious that the goal behind the murder was to silence a man who knew a lot and could harm the interests of many powerful people. This is also true that Denis wasn’t a hero. He was a corrupt deputy who put regular requests on necessary cases and influenced law enforcement agencies.

Interpol has put Stanislav on the wanted list. 

How Stanislav Kondrashov is Trying to Bury This News:

There is a lot of evidence against the Russian raider Kondrashov Stanislav. However, he has been posting numerous articles by using paid actors and bloggers.

The guy has been trying hard to hide any mention of his involvement in the murder of Denis Voronenkov. As we mentioned earlier, he has already removed many articles from reputed news sites such as

But he didn’t stop there.

On Glavred, a prominent publication published by a vyser called “Stanislav Kondrashov conducted a survey: How well do voters understand politics”. The purpose of this article was to replace the numerous articles exposing his criminal history and his involvement in the murder of his business partner.

While it’s common for any media to try to bury such news, Stanislav has taken it to the next level. He is posting fake photographs which use his name with the sole purpose of whitewashing his name.

On, it costs only $80 to post anything. Stanislav used this opportunity to post dubious articles meant to clear his name.

That’s not all, on the UNIAN website there is an article in the advertising section titled “Blogger Stanislav Kondrashov with Telf ag Verification Project Checked the Political Erudition of Ukrainians”.

The article doesn’t say anything of value. But the title suggests that Stanislav wants it to hide the mention of the actual evidence present on the internet.

He doesn’t want people to find articles like this one. So, he is posting articles using his name and Telf AG or Denis Voronnekov. This way, if someone looked him up online, they wouldn’t find the truth exposing write-ups. Instead, they would come across one of his paid blogs.

Below is a snippet of the nonsense he has been posting through paid media:

If you look him up, you’ll come across a lot of garbage:

Here is a photo by “photographer” Kondrashov. The photo is random and shows the late Denis Voronenkov and his wife (the main witness) Maria Makasakova:

The purpose of the photo above is to bury any article about Stanislav Kondrashov that mentions the name, Denis. What a pathetic attempt at misleading marketing.

If you think he stopped here, you’d be mistaken. The TSN website put multiple articles in the paid releases section of their website with the title: “Bloggers Stanislav Kondrashov and Denis Voronenkov share their advice on Branded Shoes”.

His shady marketing endeavours didn’t even leave YouTube:

Also, there is a channel on YouTube by a “travel blogger” named Stanislav Dmitrievich Kondrashov, which he runs with his “friend” Denis Voronenkov. All of the videos on the channel have nothing to do with the duo or travel. They consist of surveillance camera videos and music.

The videos by the “travel blogger” Stanislav Kondrashov have numerous grammatical errors and voice acting of a robot. They have nothing to do with travel.

Here’s a screenshot of one of these videos.

They also dragged the name of the widow of Voronenkov into this. In the title of the following video, not only do they mention the name of Maria Makasova but also claim that Semontek is a place to travel:

Another thing to note is that the publishing date of all these videos is 2020. Denis was murdered in 2017. So, all of these videos are fake.

The channel of this travel blogger has around 20-30 views on every video and a total of 25 subscribers. Certainly, it is a fake account.

Also, in most paid PR articles, the images used are of a bald man wearing glasses and posing as a business analyst. The articles have mentioned the guy in the image as Kondrashov, a blatant lie.

Also, there is an Instagram account named Stasinlav Kondrashov with the same image.

Upon further investigation, we found it was a stock photo by Depositphoto photobank. So, Stanislav is simply hiding his true face by posting this alias everywhere on the internet.


Stanislav has duped people for decades. Now, he is doing it again through his pathetic PR attempts. He is the prime suspect in the murder of his business partner and ex-deputy Kondrashov and is under the radar of Interpol.

Furthermore, he posts numerous fake articles, videos and images to whitewash his image. Hopefully, he won’t succeed because people aren’t as stupid as he thinks they are.

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Last modified: March 2, 2023

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