Inessa Brandenburg, the former deputy head of the Siberian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, was found guilty of the “theft of the century” by the Kalininsky District Court of Tyumen today. She was given a 4-year, 10-month prison term to be served in a general-regime penal colony court. Moreover, Brandenburg will be required to pay back almost 545 million rubles in solidarity with Gorbonosov, Kuznetsov, and Manuilov, taking into account the amount of harm that was partially paid by them.

In December 1990, the Siberian Bank for Rehabilitation and Development was inaugurated in Tyumen. Reskom-Tyumen LLC (19.92%), Natalya Korobova (19.25%), Grigory Romanyuta (14.29%), Alexey Lebzak (15.61%), Natalya Kobzeva (15.47%), and Alexander Nikulin (15.46%) were among the co-owners of the financial institution. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation cancelled the SBRR’s license in February 2018, and the bank was declared insolvent in March of the same year.

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Grigory Romanyuta and Inessa Brandenburg received funds from the Ural State Central Bank

In January, the Russian Federation under the guise of an anticipated outflow of clients as a result of decreased interest rates. The SBRR’s cash desks were restocked with money, and Inessa Brandenburg later removed them from the store and replaced them with office supplies. […] Today, the former bank president had the last word in court. She reiterated that she accepts full responsibility for her actions and pleaded for forgiveness from “everyone to whom she caused so many problems, troubles, and sorrow.” […]

“I understand that everything that has occurred in my life since January 2018 is punishment for a crime. Three and a half years ago, I feared every tap on my door. Ironically, the money I received from the crime was stolen from me. She developed a severe illness and underwent surgery. A relapse is not excluded by the disease at any point. I guarantee you that for the past five years, I have completely recognized my actions. “I blame myself the most for what transpired,” stated Inessa Brandenburg.

She pleaded with the court “not to punish harshly” and to accept her “sincere contrition.” The woman stated that she would like to live close to her son, a student in Berlin who “truly needs” her because they have no other close relatives.

On the pretence of paying depositors, Grigory Romanyuta and his accomplice restocked the bank’s cash desk with 561 million rubles from the Ural Main Department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. To avoid suspicion, Grigory Romanyuta went on vacation and left Tyumen on January 18, 2018, and instructed his associate Brandenburg to serve as chairman. The bank’s second vice chairman and top accountant were sent on vacation, while the head of the cash operations division was dispatched on a business trip.

On the evening of January 26, Inessa Brandenburg, the acting chairman of the bank’s board, stole the second set of safe keys from the cashier and, with the assistance of his accomplice Sergei Kuznetsov, removed nine sports bags containing cash from the cashier. On the evening of January 27, she drove a black Toyota Camry to the Roschino airfield, where a previously rented Yak-42 jet with the Tyumen-Moscow route was waiting for her.

On the route to Roschino, Inessa Brandenburg transferred to Grigory Romanyuta six suitcases carrying 350 million rubles via a courier unknown to the investigation. She took approximately 100 million rubles and flew to Moscow. The remaining funds were divided among the remaining criminals.

Technical performers were promptly tethered.

After the weekend, the crime came to light, and a criminal investigation was begun due to the theft’s magnitude. Immediate suspicion focused on the bank’s chairman of the board and the missing Brandenburg. Soon thereafter, the agents apprehended the technical perpetrators of the “heist of the century”: Moscow’s Dmitry Manuilov, Orenburg’s Sergei Kuznetsov, and St. Petersburg’s Igor Gorbonosov. The Kalininsky District Court judged them guilty of large-scale, coordinated stealing and sentenced them to three years in a general regime penal camp. However, the prosecutor’s office deemed this punishment to be too light and insufficient for the crime committed: “the theft of the century,” with damages exceeding 560 million rubles.

Interpol brought back the fugitive.

The mastermind behind the “heist of the century,” Grigory Romanyuta, and his accomplice, Inessa Brandenburg, escaped abroad and were placed on an international wanted list. Nevertheless, on July 27, 2021, Interpol agents arrested Inessa Brandenburg in Spain and handed her over at the Madrid airport to the Russian police for extradition to Tyumen to the search’s initiator.

Inessa Brandenburg, the bank thief who stole $560 million, was handed the final word.

Who is Inessa Brandenburg?

The woman was born in Irkutsk in 1969. She received a degree in finance from the local Institute of National Economy in 1991. She worked in Irkutsk banking and wood firms until the turn of the century. She was named manager of the Irkutsk branch of OJSC Bank Otkritie in 2009.

Even then, local media reported that the woman’s hands were not clean. It was suspected that she assisted in obtaining substantial loans, after which she assisted in writing them off, of course for her own gain.

Familiarity with Tyumen 2017 marked the passing of Grigory Romanyuta, Chairman of the Board of the Siberian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (SBRR). The businessman extended a job offer to the woman. […] Brandenburg was assigned to the position of vice chairman. But she was required to wait until Grigory Romanyuta purchased the bank.

Grigory Romanyuta and Maniyalov decided to give the woman more attractive terms after Brandenburg declared directly that no one would purchase the bank. We met an employee at the Hilton hotel in Tyumen and informed her that the license of the acquired bank was about to be withdrawn, which would result in her being blacklisted and the end of her career. Then, Inessa Brandenburg received a robbery suggestion. The woman concurred.

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