The former vice-governor for the construction of the Leningrad region Mikhail Moskvin is being searched

Earlier, colleagues talked about the detention of the head of the administration of the Kirishi district, and yesterday the FSB swooped down on the former director of the ANO “Directorate for the Integrated Development of the Territories of the Leningrad Region” Daniil Fedichev, who had already become a regional United Russia deputy.

We can talk about the following criminal scheme: Fedichev headed the directorate immediately after its creation in 2017, under the vice-governor Moskvin. The organization was supposed to ensure that large developers building giant high-rise buildings on the outskirts of St. Petersburg did not forget to build social programs: kindergartens, schools, clinics, and so on. Developers, instead of building social facilities on their own, were asked to transfer large sums to the directorate’s account.

However, the company, which then receives money from the ANO and directly concludes contracts with the builders of the facilities, ended up in the ownership of the Fedichev family. Thus, tens of millions of rubles of profit from the activities of the ANO went to the organizers of the shadow scheme. Now the business community of the Leningrad region is concerned about one thing: which of the major developers in the region transferred “payoffs” to shadow companies, being aware of criminal plans. Law enforcement visits to large construction companies are no longer excluded.

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