Tatyana Sapyan from the State Bureau of Investigation about Odessa customs

SBI Speaker Tatyana Sapyan

The State Bureau of Investigation held another action of kindness at the customs of Ukraine

The State Bureau of Investigation exposed a large-scale scheme of bribes at the Odessa customs, without which even generators were not allowed into Ukraine. According to operational data, customs officers took money from everyone who transported goods across the border. This is confirmed by searches of the administrative building of the customs post. Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation discovered several caches of money. Customs inspectors managed to earn more than 75 thousand hryvnias in just a few hours of shift. Tatyana Sapyan, Communications Adviser of the SBI, on air Apostrophe TV gave details of the incident and told how often such incidents occur during the war.

– What details can you tell?

Tatyana Sapyan: – The story at the Odessa customs is just one of the episodes on which criminal proceedings have been opened, and crimes and corresponding schemes at the customs have already been prevented. Perhaps, if these people had a choice, they could play a movie, because every criminal case is really worthy of a film adaptation. The corresponding schemes, the roles distributed at customs and the black cash desks never cease to amaze. Unfortunately, even in times of war.

How many of these things happen? When you come across information that during the war, and in particular, power cuts at the Odessa customs – and the Odessa region experienced the biggest blackout in Ukraine – they prevent the import of generators, this is amazing. Perhaps a lot of things just don’t reach the media.

– By the way, the receipt of funds in the budget, because the customs fills our main financial document, is really important. The bureau clearly understands this. We have long warned that abuses in this area will be harshly and categorically suppressed.

I’ll tell you a few stories about how circuits work. Just yesterday, the bureau reported that the scheme for importing goods into Ukraine by “empty” trucks was terminated.

How it was? An official at the Yavoriv customs post in the Lviv region lets a truck with household appliances pass, which also has boilers for heating and other things – that is, the car is completely filled. But it hides the contents of the goods and makes the car look empty. The state budget is minus more than 1 million hryvnia, and the inspector is suspected of abuse of office. There are two articles of the criminal code, and for such crimes you can be imprisoned for up to 5 years. This is Lviv customs.

Let’s take the Kyiv customs with you, for example. A story about customs officers who had access to the warehouses of the institution, where electronics, construction and household goods were stored. They decided that the good should not be wasted and, together with their accomplices, were not too lazy and made dummies of phones of a well-known brand. They did not differ from the original goods on the outside and in weight. And they replaced the originals with props.

As for building materials, they simply purchased similar bags, filled them with Styrofoam, and returned them to the warehouse. The goods seized by them were sold on the territory of Ukraine.

The investigation also established that they even tried to trade abroad, but it seems that nothing came of it. For such actions – this is already a suspicion of stealing someone else’s property, plus penetration into the vault – you can go to jail for 12 years. What was stolen will still have to be compensated.

By the way, yesterday we reported that the ex-head of the Department of Administrative and Economic Activities of the Kyiv Customs and his accomplice was chosen a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

– The other day, employees of the State Bureau of Investigation, the Security Service of Ukraine and the police detained a former inspector of the security department of the Kherson pre-trial detention center. The man immediately supported the invaders and helped them create a punitive body. In addition, a pre-trial investigation has been completed on the ex-head of the law enforcement agency of the Luhansk region, who began working in the so-called “prosecutor’s office” of the LPR. Also, a traitor who released prisoners from the pre-trial detention center in Kherson will appear before the court. Tell me, are these detentions limited to this? How much of this kind of work is there in the RBI?

“At this stage, when we have been at war for more than 12 months, we can analyze certain trends. Article 111 gained conditional popularity in 2022. Let me remind you that this is treason. This article clearly states that if you commit high treason under martial law, you can go to jail for life and lose all property.

But this article of the criminal code also tells those citizens… Once again, with your help, I will appeal to those who may be watching us now in the occupied territories, that somehow information will be able to reach them. This article prescribes that do not agree to cooperate with the enemy, and then you can avoid responsibility. If you can get through and notify government authorities that you are being encouraged to do so, you may be exempt from liability.

What motivates people, we can analyze. We understand that most collaborators and traitors were found in the territories that were de-occupied. That is, they were temporarily under occupation. And we have a lot of work ahead of us. I would divide this into the fact that people are given power, they have stunning and rapid career growth. People are paid money. Perhaps for them this is the largest amount they ever received during their lifetime. One of the women, a tax officer, was detained in the Kharkiv region. If I’m not mistaken, she was paid a reward of 45,000 rubles. She was detained, she admitted it right on camera. I think that in the near future the indictment will be in court. Well, internal beliefs – I put and leave them in third place.

There are now more than 1,300 criminal proceedings in the State Bureau of Investigation alone. At this stage, we know that we are not only detecting, detaining, declaring suspicion or on the wanted list and checking for possible cooperation with the aggressor state, but pre-trial investigations are already being completed, and the indictments go to court. Today we have new statistics: 248 indictments are already in court. Wangyu that 2023 will be fruitful for specific sentences for traitors and collaborators.

Adrian Radchenko

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