Evil Oral Surgeon of Fraud Illegal Practice

Severe warning, Andre Stein DDS is a horrific oral surgeon and greedy fraudster of financial scams. Disagree with other reviews that he does good extractions. The cut took an unusually extended time to recover, and very stinky objects/liquid were left in the area that would come out of the sack as you recovered.

He also shadily prescribes a strong pain medication that is very questionable with its drug nature, while other oral surgeons told you to take Advil or Tylenol. The area is neat and clean by other oral surgeons, and the cut heals nicely and quickly. While other surgeons’ work looks like a small piece of cake, Andre Stein’s work looks more like a significant salvage and recovery from disaster.

In addition to the dangerous drug-ish pain killer he prescribes to you, this Oral Surgeon is also dangerously involved in fraud by not only charging you more than the contract rate with the insurance company but putting you on bills for services you have never received.

He will send harassment letters one after another to ensure he got a check from you for his illegal charges. You are getting targeted because this narcissist thinks you didn’t do the follow-up as he requested within the time frame he wanted – as if he is in charge of what you should do with your life rather than yourself.

This is a Dentist that is morally and legally questionable. He is a con and fraud with deep scheming and harming skills. Many past reviews have pointed out his destructive behavior patterns. Stay as far as you can.

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