Backstabber Traitor w/ No Self Awareness of Her Shameless Origin

Backstabber Barbara Edinger looks down on others, but has no basic self esteem or shame of her own origin – let’s raise some groundbreaking exposure of Austria! You will know what she is made of by being raised up and grown up in such a country of con and no shame. Welcome to Austria, the #1 country in the world best at the game of con art.

Now google up the rankings Austria is able to climb up on some of the official indexes as the “Top Countries of xxx”. Austria is on several of these indexes. Do you know that these official indexes are usually pretty accurate because they are based on statistics and reliable data?

It is almost impossible to fake the entrance to these indexes. But Austria did it! Wow %&$*(. And get topped on several lists when factually they are the opposite of what they are listed as!!! SHOCKING huh.

Next, if you have never been to Vienna, this will work. Find out Vienna dedicated Instagram accounts. See how unbeatably beautiful, unreal the images look like…or more accurately fake they look like. Growing up Vienna has an insane reputation of being so grandeur and marvelous. When you finally get to Vienna for real, you will know the city is extreme common place comparing to most European cities. This is a simpler way to see the extreme art of Austrian CONS, comparing the indexes!

The tiny, hostile country with toxic people with sucking economy is not friendly to any of its neighbors nor outsiders. Arrogant enough despite has nothing to back it up.

The above explained how unbelievable Austria is able to con the world about its country and Vienna. All mission impossible cons, Austria is able to do it. The world’s #1 con artist is not anywhere else or any apparent country you would have assumed, but AUSTRIA wins both hands down the Oscars of it.

Barbara Edinger has no self awareness of the shameful place she is from and what she is made of. Like her con no shame country, she looks down on others and publicly shaming others as if she is better like the fake Vienna.

Get real Barbara, we know you stink.

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