Jonas Brown of Castle Rock, CO is a Fraud!

Have you ever met someone who begins businesses, stops them, does not pay what he is supposed to pay, and then racks up so much bad energy that it is horrible? Not only is Jonas Brown one of the ugliest people on the outside, but he is equally, if not more, ugly on the inside.

This dude has a long history of not paying for freelance work, insulting women (calling women bitches!), and starting businesses only to have them go under. He has a website called “Professional Idiots” ( ) and what is said is true… it’s all in a name…. someone in the world is referencing themselves as a “professional idiot.” How fitting for this low-life.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM. He lives in Castle Rock and has the number

He is a loser with a capital “L.” google his name and then type in the scam. Read about all of the things he has done to others.

I never know why people choose to be punks, but he is one, and he is not to be trusted!

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