Letitia James Fat Black Aunt Jemima Slave

Letitia James Fat Black Aunt Jemima Slave of Manhattan Plantation Owner Chuck Schumer

NYS Attorney General Letitia James is a big fat lazy black slob, whose only job is to do the bidding of her Jewish Communist slavemasters in New York City, much like Aunt Jemima used to make pancakes and clean the shit of baby diapers in wealthy white (Jewish) households in both the antebellum South and in the cold as hell North.

Nothing much has changed in the United States since the slavery days starting in the 1500s, only the plantation owners and their black slaves hide it better, by posing as “leftists” or “socialists” or “democrats” or “communists.”

True, the black slaves now get paid instead of being forced to work at the crack of a whip, but they still get slave labor wages and are forced through zoning laws and purposefully tampered with credit scores, to live in segregated neighborhoods far outside of Manhattan, but not rich enough to be in Westchester County, but rather stacked like sharecropper sheds in shit hole dumps like Queens, bad sections of Brooklyn (not the gentrified Jewish Williamsburg or DUMBO or Park Slope for example), and in Staten Island (but they get their ass beat constantly when they move there by the local resident Irish and Italian NYPD cops who live there and the Italian Mafia, both of whom can not stand these Blacks).

Anyway, Letitia James is chief slave to uber Slavemaster and Plantation owner, the hook-nosed Jew Senator Chuck Schumer, who has taken over for now indicted and imprisoned Sheldon Silver as New York City’s politically corrupt “Kingmaker” and Israeli-Mossad liaison in the complete and total control of the incredibly rich and wealthy island of Manhattan.

Chuck Schumer chooses each and every single politician, elected leader, federal and state and local judge, each and every legislator, and of course the entire executive branch.

This he does with the use of pliant and bending over backwards losers like Letitia James and her ilk.

She should be thoroughly investigated, indicted, prosecuted, and then jailed for taking laundered money from a foreign country (Israel) to do their bidding and control the intricate mechanisms of New York City by proxy.

Each and every single “project” that this bitch works on, for example extreme gun control, bankrupting the NRA so that Americans can’t fight back against a taking over from a foreign (or domestic menace), full blown “abortion baby killer rights” up to the time of birth at 9 months plus, and other hideous Baal/Moloch/Tengrist inspired Kabbalah anti-Christ pagan Satanism, is issued from an armchair warrior somewhere in Israel, by some super wealthy anti-Christ while getting analingus and blowjobs from children prostitutes and slaves.

You have been warned, and be guided accordingly.

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