Corrupt Little Bastard

There is this complete and total a**hole, a power-hungry freak, corrupt to the core, NAZI named Nicholas Viorst, who runs the Manhattan District Attorney Program on punishing bad cops in New York City.

But he might as well as be a gangster, a Jewish gangster that is because the way that he operates his job is to ensure that only Jews, wealthy Jews, in New York City, get police protection, while non-Jews (or enemies of Jews) do not get police protection.

You see, Nicholas Viorst sits on a Committee that determines if police misconduct is, in fact, police misconduct or just a “snafu” willing to be forgiven by the District Attorneys’ Office.

This prick Nicholas Viorst is fond of saying, even in the face of overwhelming police corruption, failure, or refusals to protect particular targeted New Yorkers and hated citizens, that he “sees no crime” and that “no one should be investigated or prosecuted.”

However, suppose a Jew is on the line, then 1000%. In that case, Nicholas Viorst will send out SWAT Teams and all of the equipment provided by the Department of Homeland Security to triangulate the motherfucker.

However, suppose it’s just some low-class. In that case, low-end black or hHispanicthat’s a victim of crime, Nicholas Viorst will sweep it under the rug, pat the offending dirty cop on the head, and allow him to walk away from any punishment, just as long as he REMEMBERS who saved his ass that day.

This way, when Nicolas Viorst needs to “call in a favor” for a fellow Jewish friend from his synagogue, say, to hide a gun, a murder weapon, to get rid of a body, to stash a few tons of illicit narcotics/cocaine, to import a few hundred illegal migrants into the USA, accuse an innocent man of rape or sexual assault who pissed off one of his Jewish friends, or whatever, then you can bet your ass, that the various dirty members of the NYPD will reciprocate and help him, or his Jewish Organized Crime buddies out.

And that’s how New York City District Attorney Public Corruption Officer Nicholas Viorst rolls.

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