Shameful Racist and Hypocrite Far From Being Kind

Paige Willis, an Actor studying at UCI (the University of California Irvine), is a hypocrite who knows how to throw others under the bus to cover her sins up and make herself look like the Saint. She craves kindness – because, deep down, she knows that is something she lacks. Genuinely kind people don’t yearn for something they naturally already have; that simple.

Paige Willis has the advanced skills to fool most people into believing how kind and fair she is while covering up her racial discrimination and supremacist identity. When that identity is at risk of getting uncovered, she will first launch the defense mechanism to shamefully victimize her targets by destroying the reputation and credibility of her victims to rescue her fake mask from getting slipped – killing without a knife and splashing blood.

Be careful and stay safe from becoming the scapegoat around Paige Willis.

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