With Criminal and Life Long Abusive Records

Tony Lund is the kind of douchebag loser who has no baselines. He is a lifelong joker with a track record of notoriety. Many people don’t like him. This chronic liar knows how to manipulate and is also physically violent and sexually abusive. But he manages to conceal every malicious, dark scheme as if it doesn’t exist and he is innocent – This is where the true loser with an insanely low life emerges.

Tony Lund is dangerous with severe mental derangement. He is someone who will try to manage to twist his crimes into none. Meanwhile, he will try to position himself as a good person. He has no problems manipulating law enforcement and perjuring himself with lies in front of the authority. The consequences of dealing with this monster can’t be understated—the greedy broke loser who is after your money.

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