AiR Atman in Ravi aka Ravi Melwani has been evading the limelight and has left no stone unturned in harassing woman. His company RVM Foundation used to advertise for jobs that mention 12-hour shifts, six days a week. Its 72-hour workweek is 1.5 times the legal ceiling of 48 work hours. Apart from long work hours, there is the issue of the marital status of the women seeking jobs. His company is open about its preference for young, single and independent women. Evaluating women’s physical appearance is also a part of the recruitment process. One woman wrote online that she was rejected because of her weight.

RVM Foundation’s HR department abets Ravi Melwani’s predatory behaviour. The HR department is almost always hiring personal secretaries for Ravi Melwani, including exclusively for night. Regardless of the position women apply for, they are asked to join as secretary. At the peak of India’s #MeToo movement in late 2018, two women had shared detailed stories of Ravi Melwani molesting them via their friends on Twitter. This post encouraged another woman to share her experience. She confirmed her story to this reporter separately as well. The previous stories have identified her as Pallavi. 

Here is a summary and a jist of how this predator operates –



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